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Created on 2010-06-22 08:53:24 (#526527), last updated 2010-06-23 (382 weeks ago)

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Name:Final Days
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Final Days is a theme community for Final Fantasy (Series), modeled after 31 Days on Livejournal, with respectful hat tips for being a great source of inspiration. Each theme represents a day in a particular month and fanwork must follow the day/theme calendar.

July 2010

  1. you're not here

  2. a family of trees wanting to be haunted

  3. let us lay in the sun

  4. you wish

  5. you can't keep safe what wants to break

  6. between the sea and the stars

  7. red seas under red skies

  8. I was drizzle and she was a hurricane

  9. the deep river ran on

  10. now comes the mystery

  11. and falling, fly

  12. a long farewell

  13. pure-hearted and lovely

  14. all things unholy

  15. storm warning

  16. it isn't even an answer — it's a question

  17. with stained hands and hope

  18. so many locks not enough keys

  19. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

  20. isn't it pretty to think so

  21. lock the door

  22. the light can get in, the light can get out

  23. that awful sound

  24. more light than heat

  25. finding invisible things

  26. just listen

  27. our splendid failure

  28. even the sun goes down

  29. lines on maps are silly

  30. the endless string of consequences

  31. his soul sat up and met me


1. All Final Fantasy titles are welcome. Crossovers with other fandoms, and fusions with Vagrant Story and Kingdom Hearts are allowed, but the main focus of the fanwork should still be Final Fantasy.

2. Fanwork for a particular theme can only be posted on the day that theme falls. If the theme is "infinite" listed for January 10th, all fanwork created for "infinite" must be posted on January 10th. There is no late posting! If you miss the first day, you will have to wait until the end of the month, and Amnesty Day, to share the fanwork.

Also, if you finish a piece on January 3rd, you must wait until January 10th to post.

3. Timezones: if it is the day for a theme where you are, feel free to post your work.

4. One fanwork to a post!

5. Fanart is welcomed. :)

6. Final Days is not prescriptive: choose to write for every prompt for a month, a few, just one, any fandom, character, relationship, rating, and genre. Write a drabble, write an epic. Everything is welcome, as long as the work meets the spirit of the theme of the day. Also, feel free to just watch and comment. No pressure. :)

Posting Guidelines

Subjects should be formatted: [date] [canon] title. Example: [21 June] [Final Fantasy VIII] Victory Fanfare

The entry body:


All fanwork should be under a cut tag.

Please leave any questions/concerns in the walkthrough.
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